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Uh… What?!

November 20, 2005

So. To set the scene; I’m standing at the bus stop, waiting to go to a friend’s place way up Lonsdale on the North shore, just after the Wandering Worship. Its foggy, and I’m running late. Theres an accident a few blocks down from my stop, and traffic is barely moving. Feeling the drama yet?

So, out of nowhere, a police cruiser comes whipping around a corner, lights on, to pull up on a hard stop at the corner across the street from me… The officer inside makes a fast exit from the car, dashing at full speed to farther back around the corner, to skid to a halt 5 – 6 meters away. She bends down to get something from the ground. Here I am, expecting her to come up with a gun, or a knife, maybe a crazed homeless person. Or even a hypodermic needle. But no. All at once, all my expectation for excitement comes crashing down. The officer went to all that work, the full flashing lights and hard stop, to pick up a five-dollar bill on the ground. I was crushed. Until I realised how damned hilarious it was.

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