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Conference… There, FINALLY.

November 11, 2005

Once we got there, we got to our rooms and did the basic set-up kinda stuff. I wish I’d gotten a photo of the futon before we got it set up, it was a beast. I say so because beasts are vicious and hard to defeat. And Donar & I couldn’t beat this thing for ages… Figuring out how the hell to set it up took us a good 20 minuites. This is after we got it open and set up. And the only time it was tidy all weekend.

The bottom one is our music team. The guy is about as odd as he looks, and I swear he’s nearly tone-deaf as well. The girl looks odder, but that’s because of the eyepatch (Never did get the story, but I suspect its a legitimate injury…), though she’s really very cool and a talented musician.

Just to hammer home the guy’s odd-ness, he intoduced himself as O. B. Wan. Say it out loud to yourself, and you get how bad that is…

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